A digital jukebox concept by Ben Hughes

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'Exploded' display of jukebox housing exhibited as part of the Jukebox! exhibition at

La Triennale di Milano (V.le Alemagna, 6) 21-04-2009 to 27-04-2009

Mobile exhibition of working prototypes. Shown here at Porto Genova.

Working prototype inside bus.


Design: Ben Hughes

Research team: Vincenzo Di Maria, Bruno Taylor

Housing Construction: Per-Henrik Branzell and team at Design Force, Sweden

Programming: Ryan Barkataki

Thanks to: Stefano Mirti, Crispin Jones, Mike Woods

SCF – Consorzio Fonografici celebra il Juke-Box esponendo modelli ‘del passato e del futuro.’

per informazioni:
SCF – Consorzio Fonografici Daniela Bellotti Tel. 02.465475.20 – 335.7406919 daniela.bellotti@scfitalia.it


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